$50 for 50

Honor CCV’s 50th anniversary with a gift of $50 or $5!

Why give?

Are you one of the thousands of Vermonters who have been touched by CCV in the past 50 years? Help us celebrate this significant milestone by making a $50 gift in recognition of CCV’s 50 years of service to Vermont.

Why now?

CCV has been connecting Vermonters to opportunity for 50 years, but the cost of a college education continues to rise. Although CCV offers the lowest tuition in Vermont, our students often still struggle to make ends meet. Scholarships help bridge the gap between federal financial aid and the cost of attendance. 

Pay it forward!

All $50 for 50 gifts go toward scholarships that help current CCV students meet their educational goals.

$5 or $50?

Participating in $50 for 50 is easy with our recurring gift option where you can schedule a monthly gift of $5.